About Us | Mecatriel - Conveyors and Handling equipments
Manufacturer of high tech handling and industrial equipment

Our History

Mecatriel is a company resulting from Mécanique Industrielle Gilles. The latter was founded in 1990 to provide mechanical maintenance services in the manufacturing environment. Subsequently, the company Mecatriel was created in 1995 to provide design services and manufacturing material handling equipment for manufacturing of cardboard boxes.

Today Mecatriel is a company specialized in engineering and manufacturing of material handling equipment. Mecatriel offers engineering, design, manufacturing, automation, installation, start-up and after-sales service.

Our expertise is present in four product categories :

  • Handling equipment for the manufacturing industry
  • Palletizer and Pallet dispenser
  • Custom Build equipment, such as equipment for baggage handling in airports
  • Loading conveyor for ski resorts

Our Vision

Supported by a dynamic and professional team, Mecatriel is committed to providing products and services of high quality that will allow you to be more competitive in your field.

Our expertise allows us to offer manufacturing services and custom design (Custom Build).