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Mecatriel shuttle is made to create a transition between two conveyors. The shuttle can move laterally to make a transition between two out-of-line conveyors. It can also move within the axis of the conveyors to create a link between two distanced conveyors.

The shuttle can be manual (moved by an operator), semi-automatic (operated from a control station) or automatic (the shuttle takes the load and transfers it automatically).

Like the transfer car, the shuttle has the advantage of allowing the central alley to be accessible for workers and maintenance vehicles that require access to the equipment. Also, an X rotating device can be used in tandem with the shuttle to rotate the load. This allows two operations to be performed by the same equipment .

A rail fixed to the floor or a guide integrated into the floor ensures the precision of the movement.

Nominal width :
36" to 96", by 1" increments
Total width :
Nominal width + 4 ½"
Length :
30" to 120", by 3" increments
Minimum height :
12'' T.O.R.
Charge capacity :
5000 lbs
Motor (conveyor) :
½ HP to 1 HP, 230V/460V/575V, 3 phases
Motor (shuttle) :
½ HP to 7.5 HP, 230V/460V/575V, 3 phases
Rollers :
2½", 11 gauge, hexagonal 11/16", commercial bearing