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Transfer Car

Transfer Car

Mecatriel motorized transfer car is a system made to create a transition between conveyors.

Positioned in an alley between conveyors, the transfer car moves laterally to create a transition between two out-of-line conveyors. Operated manually or automatically, the car is equipped with a multi-sensor security system or with a laser system to prevent collisions. Like the shuttle, the transfer car has the advantage of allowing the central alley to be accessible for workers and maintenance vehicles that require access to the equipment.

The transfer car can come with up to 4 conveyors and it is equipped with a control platform for the operator. It has a 5 to 10 HP motor that can reach a speed of 350 FPM.

Below are our standard specs, which can be adapted to the specific needs of every client.

Alley width :
72" to 144", 3" increments
Conveyor width :
30" to 96", 1" increments
Minimum total lenght :
48" + Total width of conveyors
Minimum height :
12" T.O.R. with adjustment
Charge capacity :
8000 lbs
Speed :
0 to 350 FPM
Motor (rollers) :
½ HP to 1 HP, 230V/460V/575V, 3 phases
Motor (Transfer) :
3 HP to 10 HP, 230V/460V/575V, 3 phases
Rollers :
2½", 11 gauge, hexagonal 11/16", commercial bearing
Safaty :
Laser sensors or multiples anti-collisions sensors, audio alarms and stroboscopes
Transfer Car